Create the world's leading national surface engineering intelligent industrial park

Shandong Huaye Lulan Surface Science and Technology Ecological Demonstration Park


Aerial view


Panorama of Phase I of the Park
Factory buildings in the park
Factory buildings in the park
Factory buildings in the park
Raw and auxiliary material warehouse
Life Center

Multi-type factory buildings can meet the demand for settled production.

Workshop A

70 m × 24 m × 3 Floors

Workshop B

76 m × 24 m × 3 Floors

Workshop C

83 m × 24 m × 3 Floors

Workshop D

80 m × 24 m × 3 Floors

Workshop E

135 m × 24 m × 3 Floors



Underground Utility Tunnel System

The park is constructed with a total length of 4,500 meters of underground comprehensive pipeline corridor. It frees up ground space, creates a green ecology, and at the same time prevents disasters such as wind, rain and fire, facilitates heat insulation of pipelines, and helps the park operate in a low-carbon, green and safe manner.


Rainwater reuse landscape park system

Rainwater detention, safe drainage, relieving the pressure of pipe network; Intelligent irrigation provides high-quality water sources for greening, landscape and reuse.


Photovoltaic Power Generation and Low Valley Energy Storage Intelligent System

The park coordinates the use of building roofs, laying 130,000 square meters of photovoltaic power generation system, realizing the park's green and low-carbon operation, improving the pressure of power supply from the surrounding grid, guaranteeing the park's normal production, and reducing the park's enterprise production costs.

Sewage Treatment Plant



Capacity Area


Water Treatment Capacity

Four Types of Surface Water

Water treatment standards



Classified Collection (10 Categories)

Multi-combination treatment of physicochemical, biochemical and membrane filtration

Efficient Purification, Stable Up-to-standard

Outlet Water Quality of Wastewater Pretreatment Facilities

Concentration of Total Nickel, Total Chromium, Hexavalent Chromium and Total Silver

Emission Standard for Electroplating Pollutants
(GB21900-2008) Table 2 Requirements

Outlet Water Quality of Wastewater Pretreatment Facilities

Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharged into Urban Sewers (GB/T31962-2015)

Grade A Standard Requirements and Intake Water Quality Requirements of Sewage Treatment Plants in Airport Industrial Agglomeration Areas

Smart Park 

Online initiation of inspection and testing service application, with sample testing and information feedback conducted by the surface engineering laboratory

Real time monitoring and transmission of various data from the acid mist treatment tower in the park

One click service for platform ordering - material outbound - delivery - signing for receipt - accounting processing and fee collection

A multi-dimensional fire prevention and control system with full coverage of water, electricity, smoke, temperature, and gas, facial recognition system, and intelligent video, achieving real-time connection between the monitoring center and the public security system

Worry-free butler service model

Build up "Protective Shield" for Safe Production